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Welcome to the empowering world of the Ladies Who Leap Podcast, where brave souls share their remarkable journeys of venturing beyond their comfort zones to craft lives filled with passion and purpose. Tune in to hear the awe-inspiring tales of individuals who dared to defy their fears and embrace the unknown, paving the way for a future they truly adore. Embark on a transformative journey alongside these trailblazers as they unveil the secrets of discovering and pursuing their true callings, even amidst trembling uncertainties. Their stories serve as beacons of hope, igniting within us the courage and confidence needed to pursue our own dreams, whether it be a daring career shift or a profound personal reinvention. With each episode, the Ladies Who Leap Podcast emboldens us to take that pivotal leap into the realm of self-discovery and fulfillment. It’s a testament to the boundless potential within each of us to lead lives brimming with purpose and achievement. Remember, it’s never too late nor too early to embark on the path to authenticity and fulfillment. Join us, and together, let’s embrace the limitless possibilities of reinventing ourselves and crafting lives that resonate with our deepest desires.

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5 days ago

Join host Lisa Andria in a transformative episode of "Ladies Who Leap," a podcast dedicated to honoring brave women who venture beyond their comfort zones. In this episode, Lisa introduces fellow Certified Life Coach, Barb Pastuszko, recognized for her inspirational work empowering women over 40 to exceed their boundaries, celebrate self-growth, and embrace their inherent power.
Barb recounts her personal journey of overcoming self-doubt, fear, and economic hardships that served as the catalysts for her pronounced leap into life coaching. Her shift from safety concerns and risk aversion to courage was a pivotal part of her transformation and passion to empower others. Following a layoff during the global pandemic, Barb and her compelling story serve as testament to the amazing results of taking controlled risks and evolving amidst challenging times.
Moreover, Barb’s deep-seated empathetic listening skills and supportive curricula position her not just as a coach but an accountability partner. Together with Lisa, they delve into how dedication, confidence and reshaping one's mindset can pave the path to success and self-fulfillment. Barb’s impactful and effective coaching program, 'Live Your Best Life,' illuminates the importance of investing in oneself through setting boundaries, habit alteration, and self-care strategies.
All listeners’ path to wellness is uniquely paved with personalized affirmations and strategies. Join the journey of women who dare to take leaps towards purpose, growth, and fulfillment. Be part of the community embodying continuous personal and professional enhancement.
Access Barb’s life-enhancing coaching practices on her Instagram @BestofBarbWellness, or connect on Facebook at Barb Pastuszko. Tune into this empowering episode to take your own leap of faith.
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Because Leaping out of your Comfort Zone is where the GROWTH happens! - "LisaACoach" on many social media platforms

Saturday Jun 01, 2024

Welcome to the Ladies Who Leap podcast, hosted by Lisa Andria, Transition Life Coach.
In this episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Alicia Cain, a CPA turned astrologer and founder of Create Prosperity and Abundance.
From managing finances to becoming the founder of Create Prosperity and Abundance, Alecia discusses her path of self-discovery, overcoming traumas, and societal prejudices, and her mission to empower women towards financial independence.
Learn about her unconventional move away from her CPA career to establish her unique practice as a money chi consultant. Hear about Alecia's program, "Find Yourself in France," aimed at helping successful businesswomen rediscover their passions and dreams.
Love for French CultureExperience the captivating French culture through Alecia's anecdotes and custom-curated experiences designed for women to rediscover their passion in life. Revel in her stories of unexpected adventures, amusing missteps, and the remarkable people she encountered along the journey.
Embracing Change in ItalyAlecia shares her heart-touching experience of embracing Italy during a challenging phase of depression. Listen to her inspiring narrative of finding hope in difficult times, overcoming adversity, and fostering the resilience to make Italy her new home.
Believe in the JourneyAlecia emphasizes the significance of belief in oneself, persistence, and resilience. Discover how, by accepting change and persisting through challenges, she unfolded beautiful, life-altering experiences.
Empowering Women to Break FreeDiscover Alecia's ambitious plan to help women discover their potential and chase their dreams. Learn about her strategy for maintaining a connection with family and aspirations while pursuing personal ambitions, living remotely, and building her CPA career.
Alecia's Connection with ItalyHear about her enchanting life in Italy, away from societal expectations, and her initiative to use this tranquil environment as a pathway for women to shed societal restraints. Alecia also discusses the importance of a healthy perspective on finances and a sisterhood among women.Immerse in this empowering conversation that emphasizes the crucial role courage, resilience, and self-trust play in oscillating life-changing transformations.
Listen now!
To reach Alecia Caine go to  or https://createproperityandabundance
Reach Lisa Andria for Transformation Life Coaching at 

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Welcome to this moving episode of the 'Ladies Who Leap' podcast. Through an inspiring conversation with Paul Forchione, a Mindset Coach who himself has leapt over innumerable barriers, we shine a light on the power of resilience, optimism and determination. Born with severe cerebral palsy, Paul proves that even the most difficult circumstances can be overcome, and in doing so, inspires us to leap towards our own goals.
The host, Lisa Andria, a Transformation Life Coach, explores various facets of Paul's life and listens to his powerful takeaways from his journey. From dealing with school bullying and getting to grips with baseball, to his life-altering decision to step into the coaching realm, this episode gives you a front-row seat to Paul’s life story.
Discover how Paul once thought himself incapable of pursuing higher education but then took the leap of faith towards academic success. Learn about his transition from the mortgage industry, becoming jobless in 2008, and turning it into an opportunity to become a motivational speaker and coach.
Tune in to Paul's insightful narrative that underscores the significant role vulnerability plays in connecting with others. Hear about his contributions as a coach to young athletes, encouraging them to express openly, developing their personal goals, and guiding them towards success.
Along with his professional insights, Paul shares his personal practices such as his daily gratitude ritual, his views on therapy versus coaching, his methods of overcoming bad days, and his mantra 'If you believe you will achieve.' His dedication to the growth and success of his students is a testament to his commitment and passion for his work. He also shares how to contact him and his valuable resources, like his 'Rewrite Your Story' Facebook group and his free eBook at
Join us in this dynamic conversation to discover Paul’s journey from adversity to triumph, a testament to the human spirit’s ability to rewrite its story and certainly a treasure trove of inspiration for anyone looking to leap towards their dreams.
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Wednesday May 01, 2024

In this compelling episode of the Ladies Who Leap podcast, we invite you to delve into the inspiring life journey of Prima Jope - Coach/Mentor for Life Coaches. From hard roots and humble beginnings, trailblazing through the Ugandan fashion industry, and ultimately discovering her true calling in coaching, Prima shares her story with unwavering honesty. Discover how she turned adversities into advantages, taking the pivotal leap from telecom engineering to fashion entrepreneur to a globally recognized coach.
Prima provides unique insight into her early introduction to the relentless pursuit of excellence, spurred by her father's firm hand and high expectations. Listen as she recounts her brave decision to leap from a regulated telecommunications job to launch a fashion business influenced by her natural flair for fashion. Learn how her strategic decisions in the Ugandan fashion scene contributed to her successful transition into coaching.
Prima puts life and business lessons into practical clarity as she narrates her pivot into coaching. Embedded in her stories are the strength of character and survival instinct she unleashed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unyielding even in the face of desperate circumstances, Prima found her defiant spirit and enterprising skills instrumental in kick-starting her coaching journey.
Meeting Love Amid Financial Struggles: Prima's Tale of Authenticity and Triumph
In this heartwarming segment of the show, enjoy Prima's candid account of her financial struggles and how her authenticity in those challenging times led her to find her perfect partner. Her riveting tale stresses the power of courage and the importance of presenting one's true self.
Prima sincerely relives her lowest financial moments, demonstrating how vulnerability and authenticity can lead to unexpected opportunities. Her personal narrative underscores the importance of embracing life outside one's comfort zone and meeting challenges head-on.
Listeners will find a wealth of encouragement in Prima's message about facing fears and stepping into the uncertain. Throughout the episode, she advises on taking calculated risks, handling setbacks, and learning from experiences. Join Prima for an hour of inspiration as she nudges you to take that leap of faith and step outside your comfort zone.
Prima Jope has made a 100% FREE conversation by going to to apply. Tell her you learned about this offer on the Ladies Who Leap podcast.
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To reach Lisa Andria for Transformation Coaching, go to to set up a free Leap Discovery call.

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Welcome to a specially curated episode of the Ladies Who Leap Podcast hosted by Lisa Andria, your Transformation Life Coach.
We are thrilled to feature the extraordinary life story of our guest, Johanna Derbolowsky, a leading international speaker and author of the transformational book, 'The Transformation Promise.' As a respected life and business coach and a metaphysical teacher, Johanna's mission is to empower others to break free from their limiting patterns.
This episode delves into her fantastic journey in the metaphysical world and provides insights into her success secret. Explore her unique five-step program, 'The 5 W’s to Healing and Success', and her innovative approach to helping clients unlock their psychic abilities.
Listen to an engaging conversation centered around intuition, personal growth, and the power of transformative love. Learn how Johanna conquered her fear of public speaking to become a beacon of light in her field, impacting lives globally. Lisa and Johanna shed light on the importance of understanding one's inner vision and how our challenges can guide our growth. This episode extends an open invitation to all women ready to leap and step into their power.
Our guest shares her story of overcoming her fear of public speaking tied to a past life memory. She talks about a critical turning point when she attended a program called Speaking Circles that allowed her to connect with her audience more deeply and personally.
Her faith being the driving force behind her courageous leaps, Johanna inspires listeners to believe in their inner strength and intuition. In this enlightening and inspiring conversation, Joahanna leaves us with her favorite affirmation that turns setbacks into stepping stones: "Everything in life happens for one's benefit."
Join us in this riveting episode and unravel valuable insights into life, faith, courage, and transformation. Remember, "Leaping out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens."
Johanna Derbowlsky - Reach her at 

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Welcome to our compelling new episode of the "Ladies Who Leap" podcast. Transformation Life Coach Lisa Andria invites the insightful Dr. Robin L. Owens for a thrilling conversation. As an author, speaker, college professor, founder and host of the highly-rated Leadership Purpose with Dr. Robin podcast, Dr. Robin has a wealth of wisdom to share.
Dr. Robin recounts her inspiring journey from her curious childhood in Connecticut to becoming a successful entrepreneur and leader. With a focus on empowering high-achieving women, she shares her transition from academia to entrepreneurship driven by a burning passion.
For those seeking purpose in their professional lives, her upcoming book "M.A.K.E. - An Inspirational Guide to More Meaning, Purpose, and Passion in your Work" proves to be a lucid guide. The four letters of MAKE, each representing key steps in one's journey towards meaningful work, provide a fresh framework for cultivating purpose and passion in the workplace.
Beyond career transitions, Dr. Robin sheds light on making significant, difficult tasks more manageable by breaking them down into smaller steps. Insights on self-awareness, self-care, introspection, the role of early education, and the importance of leaning into tasks you enjoy most provide listeners with valuable cues for career fulfillment. Dr. Robin also shares a favorite quote from author Gay Hendricks, driving the message of recognizing and utilizing our unique gifts.
As we wrap up, Dr. Robin gives us a sneak peek into her podcast, Leadership Purpose with Dr Robin, and her upcoming book, "M.A.K.E. - An Inspirational Guide to More Meaning, Purpose, and Passion in your Work" This episode promises to inspire and empower listeners seeking greater happiness and fulfillment at work. So sit back, enjoy, and prepare to leap out of your comfort zone!
Reach Dr. Robin Owens at 

Friday Mar 15, 2024

Ladies Who Leap can learn from men also, especially when raising young boys. Damon Jones,U.S. Air Force Veteran, Author, & Video Content & Online Presence Strategist that will not only inspire the men in your life but also all the ladies. 
Author of the book titled, “Abandonment, “The Plague of Most Men”, he openly shares his personal journey of going from angry boy to a prideful and stubborn male who masqueraded as a man.  And then the journey to rely on his newly inspired faith in God to leap out of his own comfort zone and embrace and love himself completely. 
We can learn from his inspiring journey to the strong and compassionate man he is today.
Damon Jones - Reach him at or 562-688-6279.

Friday Feb 09, 2024

In 2018, right before Thanksgiving, Lisetta was given the shocking news that her 25 year sales career was over.  In a matter of seconds, she was told she was being laid off and was shuffled over to HR. Her transformation journey began that day and she learned, the hard way, that leaps are sometimes unexpected cliff dives. 
Lisetta Coffin talks about the transformation journey where she learned that a perceived cliff dive can actually be a leap into a pool of warm, inviting water carrying life changing opportunities. She explains why she could have reinvented herself sooner and why we should learn from that lesson. Listen, learn and be inspired by Lisetta's journey from Sales Professional to Kripalu YogaTeacher.


Lisa Andria

Transition Life Coach

Stories are the way our brain programs itself with beliefs.

Listening to the inspiring and informative stories shared by the guests on this podcast will take your dreams and desires to another level.

Grab a comfortable chair in a quiet place of the house and enjoy listening to the stories of how others believed in themselves and took the leap out of their comfort zone.. Even when it was a scary first step.

Get inspired to take that leap into whatever your heart desires. And if you don't want to take a leap now, learn how to transition yourself to a new career or state of mind at any time in your life.

These conversations are with people just like you, and they found the courage to take a chance on themselves. We can all learn how to be happy getting out of our comfort zone by the value of story telling.


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